Weekend Trip to Al Ain and overnight camping

This weekend after Finishing the work on Thursday, and some drinks :), We went for a Trip to Al Ain. My friends Thomas sen, Sanoj, Jishnu and Sananth are on the team. Jishnu has the perfect car for the drive.

It was an overnight trip. We reached there at around 1.30 am midnight, went for a sight seeing to the to top of the Jabal Hafeet mountain. It was amazing the view at night. After the views in mountain we came to the beautiful park, botton and lived there that night, It was about 4.30 am we finished the setup (Food, tents etc) and went for a sleep.

Morning it was perfect for the sight seeing. It was very beautiful place in the desert. We captured some photos. We went to Al Ain Zoo after that.

Here is the photos from the Trip.

We all enjoyed the trip. I remember the last time from the office we all Flip Tech team went for the Trip to Al Ain.

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