Easy open source software for the Macs

Mac ports is the way to use most of the opens source software from the community on Macs. Recently I found out new tool named Porticus, that makes the life so easy.

Porticus for Macports

Porticus for Macports

Setting up Porticus for the first time – snow leapard

1) Install macports, downloading the dmg – checkout Macports website for updates

2) Install Porticus downloading from  Porticus website

That is it. It is realy usefull tool to try free software on mac. Feels like one of the software package management GUIs Linux users enjoy

Ubuntu 6.10 – Linux for human beings

I have installed Ubuntu 6.10 on my Home desktop, another Linux that best suits for non techie users. Ubuntu is made from the King OS Debian. Ubuntu Linux really gives the power of Linux in a highly user friendly interface. There are thousands of applications that are available from the real community Linux distribution, Debian. Ubuntu makes the software package installation from various repositories easier and easier. It will find out software for almost any purpose .

Ubuntu have 4 versions

Ubuntu – GNOME based Desktop

Kubuntu – KDE based Desktop

Edubuntu – For Kids, education purpose – Lot of tools and Games for edutainment

Xubuntu – Xfce based – best for the “feeling” desktop for old systems

Get your freely shipped Ubuntu CDs

it is for everyone who want try Linux – You will get your ubuntu cds free of cost from Canonical Ltd, the Ubuntu company.

Order your CDs freely here https://shipit.ubuntu.com/

My Installation

The installation of ubuntu on my system from Ubuntu 6.10 DVD was a simple task. I got the Full GNOME Desktop of Ubuntu while installing.

Installation is just 6 mouse clicks. If you find difficulty you have the complete OS in front of the install screen with which we will get help from the internet/and help screens.

I have a Debian Linux already installaed on another hard drive of my system – very stable and long lasting OS in my system. Other new trail OSes will go on a last partition of my first Disk. Ubuntu 6.10 gives a faster Linux for Multimedia desktop purpose for me now.The Game “Half Life 2” works with better performance than windows even in Cedega. With Nvidia driver installed it works amazing. Still I cannot find an alternative to my previous Debain. It is configured and updated lot for working on my system :).


Install OS with complete Desktop. GNOME partition manager Install OS with complete Desktop.