A better firefox for snow leapard – Shiretoko

After updating to my Macbook to snow leapard  I was facing serious performance issues. Sometimes it even slows down the entire system. I tried reinstalling the newest version. Still problems didnt go away. There is still no firefox intel 64 build for snowleapard yet.

I find out Shiretoko recently it works amazing,

Shiretoko Firefox Mac

Shiretoko Firefox Mac

Download it here

Firefox point of view.

Firefox is a great browser . We Web Developers just love it.

Check this cool Firefox wallpaper. It is called Firefox point of view. 🙂

Firefox point of view

Check more Firefox wallpapers at This Link

Some Firefox point of views

“Is there anyone who can ban IE – Then please do it ” – A web developer when spent fixing (JS or XHTML)/hacking(CSS) IE bugs .
“Develop for Firefox ” – it is the web standard
People use IE – they are two years back in web.
There was web sites that viewable only in IE – “Please ban those sites.” – Now there is websites to say “only for Firefox”.
Firefox usage increasing day by day – it is just started. “to conquer the web”

Yes, there is lot of truth in those points.And Firefox is more loved by its new features and extensions.

All browsers have their on strengths and Issues. To cop with this changing web they need regular updates. Firefox is open source, the development will always try to archive open standards. IE is developed proprietary,they will include proprietary components like activex for their users, thus standards may be less cared.