Weekend Trip to Al Ain and overnight camping

This weekend after Finishing the work on Thursday, and some drinks :), We went for a Trip to Al Ain. My friends Thomas sen, Sanoj, Jishnu and Sananth are on the team. Jishnu has the perfect car for the drive.

It was an overnight trip. We reached there at around 1.30 am midnight, went for a sight seeing to the to top of the Jabal Hafeet mountain. It was amazing the view at night. After the views in mountain we came to the beautiful park, botton and lived there that night, It was about 4.30 am we finished the setup (Food, tents etc) and went for a sleep.

Morning it was perfect for the sight seeing. It was very beautiful place in the desert. We captured some photos. We went to Al Ain Zoo after that.

Here is the photos from the Trip.

We all enjoyed the trip. I remember the last time from the office we all Flip Tech team went for the Trip to Al Ain.

Blog updated.

Finally after more than one year, I updated my blog. Unfortunately may be due toĀ  a lazy digital life style, I forgot my blog for a while šŸ™‚

I started thinking about updating my blog afterĀ  Shuja posted his long awaited blog post entry, struggling to blog.

When Ambarish started his blog, he asked me some help on setting up. He linked my blog on his blog. This also gave me more strength to update my blog.

From Flip Trivandrum most the guys started blogging. And Muhammed shameer blogged about the Flip Trivandrum bloggers. All started twittering, and Saifudeen said twitter is for lazy bloggers.Ā  All these new happeningsĀ  made me update my blog again for new start.


  1. Blog theme is updated with the iBlog theme by Andrew Powers and Pagelines Design, inspired by Apple – also in these days I switched to mac from Linux, will update about this in upcomming posts :).
  2. Edited the theme to make it work with my Open id authentication – my blog URL is my Open ID. Added my “photoblog” page back in, by a small hack
  3. Added pluginĀ  All in One SEO Pack .
  4. Added Lightbox Plus plugin to make my old lightbox stuffs work.- There exists lot of amazing alternatives for lightbox these days will updates with similar one later.

Since my wordpress installation was a bit older some existing plugins made problems while updating to latest. With wordpress plugin autoinstall features everything went very easy.