Blog updated.

Finally after more than one year, I updated my blog. Unfortunately may be due to  a lazy digital life style, I forgot my blog for a while 🙂

I started thinking about updating my blog after  Shuja posted his long awaited blog post entry, struggling to blog.

When Ambarish started his blog, he asked me some help on setting up. He linked my blog on his blog. This also gave me more strength to update my blog.

From Flip Trivandrum most the guys started blogging. And Muhammed shameer blogged about the Flip Trivandrum bloggers. All started twittering, and Saifudeen said twitter is for lazy bloggers.  All these new happenings  made me update my blog again for new start.


  1. Blog theme is updated with the iBlog theme by Andrew Powers and Pagelines Design, inspired by Apple – also in these days I switched to mac from Linux, will update about this in upcomming posts :).
  2. Edited the theme to make it work with my Open id authentication – my blog URL is my Open ID. Added my “photoblog” page back in, by a small hack
  3. Added plugin  All in One SEO Pack .
  4. Added Lightbox Plus plugin to make my old lightbox stuffs work.- There exists lot of amazing alternatives for lightbox these days will updates with similar one later.

Since my wordpress installation was a bit older some existing plugins made problems while updating to latest. With wordpress plugin autoinstall features everything went very easy.

Coming Ultimate Ubuntu Linux Editions

Ubuntu Linux 7.4 is already out there. And fans are waiting for Ubuntu studio, A Linux distribution that makes the Multimedia Authoring much easier for free.

Watch this video, see what Linux can do.

Ubuntu Ultimate Edition

Source : Zinzi[Blog]

More Cool videos comparing Linux Beryl desktop & Vista

It seems, now is the right time for all interested users can switch to Linux or try out it. 🙂

Creating Customized, Live and standalone Media Center Disks Using Linux

K3b is a popular and powerfull Optical Disk burning software GUI in Linux.K3b Startup

It have a lot of options for writing different type of disksK3b writing options

There we can see options to write eMovie disks.You need to have eMovix pakage installed on the system to use this options. You can find it from eMovix Project site..

What is eMovie Disk?

It is a bootable Live CD, micro linux distribution (upto max 7 MB) with Mplayer and LIRC on it. k3b will give option to fine tune your eMovix disk. We can include any type of Media files to the Disk with k3b. Mplayer supports almost all media types and is best for playing videos with full quality and hardware support. With k3b I can fully customize the eMovix interface with background videos and more.

Customise the disk Burn itCutomisable videos

Thus once an eMovie Disk is burned it will be your portable standalone Media Center. Just put the CD and boot the system you can enjoy the media. No need of any OS or Software. This will work on old systems with less memory and even without a Hard Disk. See the screen of eMovie disk in action. I can use my pinnacle TV cards Remoe control to control the media center on my system.

Emovix Booting Emovix MenuMy remote

GeexBox – Live Media Center in a Mini CD

GeeXboX is a full project that develops a Mplayer based, Linux Live Media center. It will boot from the disk and play anything in the Hard disks, Optical disks, TV cards Network Locations etc.

GeexBox Generator will give complete options to customize this Distro in an easy user friendly GUI. We can change the interface theme, add our own LIRC remote control, install extra packges and kernel modules, and make support for custom hardwares like bluetooth remotes etc.

See GeexBox screenshots here

Going professional with linux desktop

Linux is powerful and much comfortable as a Professional Desktop, especially in areas of Web Development and Programming. It gives great tools to do work easier. Linux also proofs its efficiency in other areas as well. Developing Hollywood films to use as Gaming consoles are also possible with Linux.

When I installed Suse 10.2 on my office laptop with a duel head setup. My duel head suse 10.2 desktop

The useful tools
Zend Studio – PHP IDE.
Eclipse with PHP eclipse and Aptana plugin – A complete web2.0 IDE
GIMP – a complete Image Editing and designing tool – It will do even opening PSD files and editing. an alternative to photoshop
NVU, Quanta Plus, Kdevelop, Qt designer – good and powerful web authoring/Programming tools of its own class.
Kbear and gFTP – FTP clients
Kdesvn – Directly integrate SVN into KDE and konqueror – same as tortoise SVN does on windows.
QSvn – Qt based SVN GUI.
webdav:/ – client protocol to browse SVN repos.
kopete or Gaim – The multi protocol messengers – The complete buddylists in one tool
Skype – telephony
Firefox – the killer application
Use Internet explorer 6 with wine and winetools
Mplayer and Xine based multimedia players – enjoy the media
Amarok – the jukebox with lot of features
Realplayer and Helix player – another media player and jukebox system
Myth TV – the Media Center
K3b – CD/DVD creation
and a lot of command line tools that do great work.

Al tools within favorite KDE is an amazing environment for a professional developer to work on.
On the other side we have all popular server tools Apache,PHP and MySQL to run everything in a local system
thus we can make each Linux desktop to a powerful web development system.

Ubuntu 6.10 – Linux for human beings

I have installed Ubuntu 6.10 on my Home desktop, another Linux that best suits for non techie users. Ubuntu is made from the King OS Debian. Ubuntu Linux really gives the power of Linux in a highly user friendly interface. There are thousands of applications that are available from the real community Linux distribution, Debian. Ubuntu makes the software package installation from various repositories easier and easier. It will find out software for almost any purpose .

Ubuntu have 4 versions

Ubuntu – GNOME based Desktop

Kubuntu – KDE based Desktop

Edubuntu – For Kids, education purpose – Lot of tools and Games for edutainment

Xubuntu – Xfce based – best for the “feeling” desktop for old systems

Get your freely shipped Ubuntu CDs

it is for everyone who want try Linux – You will get your ubuntu cds free of cost from Canonical Ltd, the Ubuntu company.

Order your CDs freely here

My Installation

The installation of ubuntu on my system from Ubuntu 6.10 DVD was a simple task. I got the Full GNOME Desktop of Ubuntu while installing.

Installation is just 6 mouse clicks. If you find difficulty you have the complete OS in front of the install screen with which we will get help from the internet/and help screens.

I have a Debian Linux already installaed on another hard drive of my system – very stable and long lasting OS in my system. Other new trail OSes will go on a last partition of my first Disk. Ubuntu 6.10 gives a faster Linux for Multimedia desktop purpose for me now.The Game “Half Life 2” works with better performance than windows even in Cedega. With Nvidia driver installed it works amazing. Still I cannot find an alternative to my previous Debain. It is configured and updated lot for working on my system :).


Install OS with complete Desktop. GNOME partition manager Install OS with complete Desktop.