Flip Media unveils the Unofficial Dubai Metro website

Flip Media just announced the launch of an Unofficial Dubai metro website.

Unofficial Dubai Metro website

Unofficial Dubai Metro website

Check the press release from Flip

Dubai–With residents eagerly awaiting the launch of the Dubai Metro, Dubai’s biggest infrastructure project, Flip Media today unveiled Mydubaimetro.com, a non profit portal designed and developed to provide residents of Dubai with a practical and usable guide to all things related to the Metro.

The one stop shop website offers key information and helpful tools such as a journey planner and fare calculator, information about each station stop as well as downloadable pocket maps.

“We saw a gap in the market where people, including ourselves, were curious and hungry for more information about the Metro,” said Yousef Tuqan Tuqan, CEO, Flip Media.

Dinesh Lalvani, Managing Partner of Flip added, “We’re bringing the best of web and technology to help people discover not only the basic information about the services available, but also help connect with fellow commuters. The idea is to make the metro not just about the destination but also about the journey and experience.”

The community portal gives users to post comments, blog and share photos and useful tips about the metro.  The website is scalable, allowing for the addition of new technology and tools.

I am very proud of this, as one of developers of this website and the Technology behind it, The Navisite CMS .

Google Web Elements makes google widgets on webpages easy

Google released Web Elements, which makes using most of the Google gadgets very easy. Here is some examples.

I can easily copy paste code to show a map.

A widget to show latest news about Flip Media

Fox news youtube news video Widget

It is very useful all of those widgets in one place to copy paste from google

Blog updated.

Finally after more than one year, I updated my blog. Unfortunately may be due to  a lazy digital life style, I forgot my blog for a while 🙂

I started thinking about updating my blog after  Shuja posted his long awaited blog post entry, struggling to blog.

When Ambarish started his blog, he asked me some help on setting up. He linked my blog on his blog. This also gave me more strength to update my blog.

From Flip Trivandrum most the guys started blogging. And Muhammed shameer blogged about the Flip Trivandrum bloggers. All started twittering, and Saifudeen said twitter is for lazy bloggers.  All these new happenings  made me update my blog again for new start.


  1. Blog theme is updated with the iBlog theme by Andrew Powers and Pagelines Design, inspired by Apple – also in these days I switched to mac from Linux, will update about this in upcomming posts :).
  2. Edited the theme to make it work with my Open id authentication – my blog URL is my Open ID. Added my “photoblog” page back in, by a small hack
  3. Added plugin  All in One SEO Pack .
  4. Added Lightbox Plus plugin to make my old lightbox stuffs work.- There exists lot of amazing alternatives for lightbox these days will updates with similar one later.

Since my wordpress installation was a bit older some existing plugins made problems while updating to latest. With wordpress plugin autoinstall features everything went very easy.

Firefox point of view.

Firefox is a great browser . We Web Developers just love it.

Check this cool Firefox wallpaper. It is called Firefox point of view. 🙂

Firefox point of view

Check more Firefox wallpapers at This Link

Some Firefox point of views

“Is there anyone who can ban IE – Then please do it ” – A web developer when spent fixing (JS or XHTML)/hacking(CSS) IE bugs .
“Develop for Firefox ” – it is the web standard
People use IE – they are two years back in web.
There was web sites that viewable only in IE – “Please ban those sites.” – Now there is websites to say “only for Firefox”.
Firefox usage increasing day by day – it is just started. “to conquer the web”

Yes, there is lot of truth in those points.And Firefox is more loved by its new features and extensions.

All browsers have their on strengths and Issues. To cop with this changing web they need regular updates. Firefox is open source, the development will always try to archive open standards. IE is developed proprietary,they will include proprietary components like activex for their users, thus standards may be less cared.